Do you have any questions for CivicLabTO?

How can I get involved with CivicLabTO?

The partnership under the CivicLabTO umbrella is quite varied! For instance, Toronto residents can help by participating in a CivicLabTO research project. Ryerson University and the City of Toronto have partnered on the Toronto Ambient Air Quality Impacts from COVID-19 Study. Responses to this survey will provide insights on the relationship between human behaviour and air pollution, before, during, and after movement restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deadline to complete the survey is September 5. If you would like to get involved in other ways, or have a particular area of interest to discuss, please feel free to reach out to top@toronto.ca or info@civiclab.ca

How do I get in touch with CivicLabTO?

For all questions, please email us at info@civiclab.ca

Will the summit sessions be recorded?

Yes! All of the CivicLabTO Academic Summit sessions will be recorded and made available to the public on our website after the event ends.

Will the summit sessions have close captions or ASL interpretation?

All sessions will feature closed captioning. If you require ASL interpretation, an interpreter will be made available per session upon request on the registration form. The deadline to request interpretation is November 10.

What themes will be covered at the summit?

Eight themes form the pillars of the City's coordinated recovery and rebuild efforts. They serve as the focal point for our summit sessions: - Public Health - Planning and Adapting Public Space - Stronger, Safer, More Just Communities - Arts, Culture and Recovery - Transit and Transportation - Technology, Innovation and Equity - Climate Change and Green Recovery - Economic Resiliency

What is CivicLabTO?

CivicLabTO is a collaborative and strategic partnership between eight higher education institutions (HEI) and the City of Toronto. With the support of a grant received from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, this esteemed group of academic and civic leaders is forging a path of partnership and innovation between organizations. At its core, CivicLabTO brings together students, faculty, researchers, and City staff who seek opportunities for sharing information and best practices. The City’s partnerships with Toronto’s universities and colleges offers students and faculty a living lab with an opportunity for exposure to real life problems and complex challenges. In return, academic partners offer the City opportunities for innovation, intellectual exchange of ideas, critical analysis, research and evaluation, and the ability to raise research funds. CivicLabTO is an opportunity to engage in strategies for change and innovation, to test theories, conduct research, use experiential learning, and increase networking. This work includes the advancement of a new model for the city and academia to collaborate with on multi-partner, multidisciplinary research. It has the capacity to inform policy and programs when developing the next generation of leaders. Examples of CivicLabTO efforts include the Common Curriculum programming that was launched earlier this Fall, CivicLabTO Discussion Series, and the CivicLabTO Academic Summit.

Why should I attend the summit?

Whether you're a student, a professor, a civil servant, or just interested in our City's policies and procedures, all are welcome to register and join! At the CivicLabTo Academic Summit, there is something for everyone.

Where can I find the summit speaker list?

A list of all the speakers can be found here!

Do I need to register in advance for the summit?

Yes! All attendees must register for the summit ahead of time. Once you register, you will recieve a calander invitation via email. As we get closer to the summit, you can expect to recieve further instructions in your inbox. Please register here.

Can I still attend if I don't have a Zoom account?

Yes! You don't need to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom event. As well, all sessions will be live streamed on Youtube. To recieve the YouTube links, you must register ahead of time. Please register here.

What video platform will you be using to livestream the summit?

We will be using Zoom, a teleconferencing software program.

What is the CivicLabTO Academic Summit?

The CivicLabTO Academic Summit is a two-day event that provides partner faculty, staff and students, City staff and government representatives the opportunity to join a series of free, virtual panel discussions featuring thought leaders from across academia and our municipality. Watch as they address the challenges we collectively face in Toronto, evaluate possible outcomes, and present creative solutions. These sessions will highlight how research collaborations generate grounded theory framework that ultimately leads to stronger public policy development in our ever-changing urban environment.​

When is the summit taking place?

Over two days, from November 23 to 24, 2021.

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