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Learning and Research 


Through CivicLabTO, the City of Toronto and its higher education institution partners are committed to delivering an array of collaborations in support of mutual goals. This includes, but is not limited to, a variety of research and educational initiatives below.

CivicLabTO Curriculum

Students from 8 higher education institutions join senior city staff and elected officials for a series of conversations as part of a shared, civics focused curriculum focused on strategic city priorities and how city programs contribute to the common good. Recordings of informative sessions covering topics such as Building an Equitable City, The City’s Strategic Priorities and the Role of Local Government and Climate Action & Resilience are available here.

CivicLabTO Collaborations

Recognizing that collaboration between academia and the municipality is key to addressing complex city challenges, CivicLabTO connects insights and resources via an array of initiatives linked to the City's strategic objectives.


CivicLabTO Research

The CivicLabTO Research initiative provides coordinated brokerage, stewardship and oversight of City/academic research partnerships, streamlining the process for connecting challenges, expertise and funding in support of informed public policy. Review the Research Partnerships summary for more insights on the coordinated efforts as well as summaries of the many projects facilitated by CivicLabTO.

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