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Welcome Session

This session opens Day 2 of the CivicLabTO: Academic Summit with welcome addresses from two of the partners, the City of Toronto and the home base for the summit at the City Institute at York University. With this, we began a series of parallel sessions over the course of the day to address crucial components of our collaborative rethink on more of the issues that are facing Toronto around deepening social and environmental justice: public health; housing and homelessness; transportation; climate change; building more just communities and rethinking public space. The goal of these discussions is to set the stage for further research work and post-CIVD-19 public policy development at the City.

Frederick Peters
Frederick Peters
City Institute, York University

Frederick Peters received his Ph.D. in Political Science from York University. He is affiliated with the City Institute at York University and adjunct with the Altervilles program at the Université Jean Monnet, as well as Sciences Po Lyon in Saint-Étienne, France. Currently, Peters is pursuing professional designation as a Planner in Canada at the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC), York University, and has been assisting Dr. Joe Mihevc, Principal Investigator, with the CivicLabTO initiative.   

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Jennifer McKelvie

Councillor Jennifer McKelvie

City Councillor for Ward 25, Scarborough Rouge-Park, City of Toronto

Councillor Jennifer McKelvie is the Toronto City Councillor for Ward 25, Scarborough Rouge-Park. In her role as Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee, she is taking an active role in the City of Toronto’s climate change, resilience and ravine strategies. 


Before being elected in 2018, Councillor McKelvie worked as a Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) and managed research partnerships at the Nuclear Waste Management Organization and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Her graduate (Ph.D. Geology 2006) and postgraduate research was supported by numerous provincial, national and international awards, including the NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship and L’Oréal/UNESCO Women in Science Fellowship.

Linda Peake
Linda Peake
Professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, and Director of the City Institute, York University

Linda Peake is a professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change and Director of the City Institute at York University. She is currently the Principal Investigator on the SSHRC Partnership Grant for Urbanization, gender and the global south: a transformative knowledge network (GenUrb); a Trustee of the Urban Studies Foundation; and a member of the editorial board of Urban Geography, as well as the International Advisory Board of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. As a feminist geographer, Peake’s research interests encompass urban feminist theory, gendered urban insecurities in the global south (specifically in Guyana), and more recently, mental health. She is co-founder and co-chair of the American Association of Geographers Affinity Group on Mental Health in the Academy. 

Frederck Peters
Linda Peake
Jennifer McKelvie
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